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December 26, 2012
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Viola wishes you Merry x-mas by TheULTImateAngel Viola wishes you Merry x-mas by TheULTImateAngel

It's been 6 years since it happened, but it always seems like yesterday to me, i remember her face as she said goodbye, and the tears in her eyes as life left her body, i barely remember what my life was like before this, i grew so used to this......i don't even remember the whole reason i began writing this diary, she had a bunch of them scattered all throughout the house.

I think it was 3 months after it happened, my sanity was slipping, my mind was in such turmoil, the magic inside me, the house that shifted with my emotions, the loneliness, the guilt....everything began eating away my soul and i was going insane, screaming for my father, crying myself to sleep and then waking up disoriented, without knowing where i was, and then, when the reality of everything fell over me, the cycle would repeat. After another week i couldn't take it anymore, and then, suddenly, i found a diary, one that was empty, and when i wrote down my experiences, everything since the day i met her, it was as if all the worry left me to stay trapped within the words i wrote, it made me feel better, and with time, it became a habit and i did it everyday.

Yes, i think that was why, nothing much has changed over the course of 6 years, this body grew a bit older, but not so much that i can't still pass as a 12 year old, i ended up getting a liking to wine, and i always drank it while i read a good book, my powers grew, too, and i can control this house as i please.....talking about the house, it's strange, but, over the course of these 6 years, more than 40 children have gone missing in this forest, i remember the first one as if it was yesterday...

I was sitting on my room, reading a book, one of the hundreds that i had read already, when the sound of crying distracted me, worried about what it could be, i walked outside, just to be greeted by a strange sight, a children, more like a toddler, really, was crying near the roses in the garden, blood coming from his hand, it seemed he had gotten lost and had stumbled over the roses, hurting himself in the process, i walked to him and asked him if he was alright, to which he answered with a whimper, i remembered that those roses were poisoned, why? I had no idea, they were Ellen's roses, i don't know why she did half of the things she did, so....
Feeling pity for the sweet thing, i took him in my arms and took him inside, i treated his wound and feed ed him, it was then that he asked me a question i thought that i would never hear, he asked for my name, and for some reason, i couldn't answer him, who was i?? I wasn't Ellen, that's for sure, but i wasn't Viola anymore, either, thinking long and hard about it, i came to a decision, i was a mixture of both, i didn't want to forget Ellen, so i took EL, and i also didn't want to forget who i was, but didn't want to be called Viola either, since she was no more, so i took LA, thus, since that day, i was known as Ella, when i told the child, he smiled at me, so sweetly, i didn't think anyone would smile at me like that anymore, i thought i didn't deserve it.

After that, i played with him, let him sleep, and the next day, holding him by the hand, i returned him to his parents, they were very grateful, thinking they had lost their child forever, but their eyes still held fear of me, i don't know if it was because they could sense the evil magic inside of me somehow, or because the way my eyes looked, but they hurried away with a bow, and i never saw them again.

This event happened more than once, very often, i must say, i reached the conclusion that the magic of the house, somehow, attracted the children , no matter how lost they got in the forest, they always ended up at my house.....yes, because it was now mine, and i was going to use it to better this world a little, when a child ended up at my house, i took them in, played with them, feed ed them, let them sleep, and then, the next day, i would take them to their parents, who, as always, would be very grateful, but afraid somehow, they didn't trust me with the kids, and i could understand why, parents intuition, i suppose.

In the course of some months, i returned a lot of children to their parents, until they began coming on their own, some children i had rescued from falling of a cliff, or being hurt by wild bears, came back to give me their thanks. they bought cakes, ribbons, and even dresses for me, eventually, the parents came too, and they also gave me their thanks, before i noticed what was happening, they trusted me as some kind of babysitter, and my house was always full of laughter from the children playing in my yard, i had changed the house so it had a playground, and plenty of rooms for them, i felt guilty to admit i was happy, the children called me a witch, yes, but they said a good one, and they didn't fear my magic, they even told me they would keep it a secret from their parents.

Every year, i saw them grow, while i was still a kid, it was so painful, because i loved them so much, they always came in Christmas to eat with me, and they even bought presents.... sometimes, i envied Ellen, i don't know if a hell or heaven exists, or on what of those she is in, but at least, she is resting now, sometimes, i envy the fact that she is gone, while i have to stay in this world, probably until everything has changed so much, that i can't recognize the world anymore....still, i love my children, and when they smile at me, i think i can feel some of the guilt melting away.

Well, dear Diary, today it's Christmas again, and i am going to cook for my children, i will talk to you again tomorrow, goodbye, and.....goodnight.....Ellen.

Yeah, long, so what? I felt like doing some Diary entries form after the time when Ellen was killed in the fictional ending that i created, she will tell her experiences and what happens, and of course, her father will make an appearance, i hope you enjoy them, and also, MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS EVERYONE,this was supposed to be done by the 25, but i was so busy...i didn't have time XD

Majo no ie (c) Fummy.

Fictional ending, plus story, plus Ella concept (c) Me.
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PinkieFranny Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
she is ellen , not viola
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you've read my artist comments, you'll know she's not ellen, but Viola, please, read the description before commenting.:)
PinkieFranny Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
if already ending of'' True''

but I feel more comfortable to draw a viola not in the body of ellen.

but I respect your ideas

and if I read the description.
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh, okay, thanks.
Pokewarrior03 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
All I can say is... this is amazing and why couldn't this happen in the real game?? ;-;
I love how detailed and beautiful it all is even though its only "Ella" sitting in a chair holding a wine glass and "merry christmas" written in blood behind her.
I'm favoriting!
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed my drawing! <3
Pokewarrior03 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Np ^^
Gear-2557 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I hope we will be seeing more of her.
TheULTImateAngel Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha yeah, you will, i plan on drawing her again soon XD
TonksRules Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Oh my goodness where can I find this fictional ending you made up? I already love this diary entry and this drawing and I must know more! You are amazing...truely...I just found out about the "true" ending and I was so's funny though because I never trusted "Viola" when watching a playthrough for the first time....but I love your work...I hope I can learn even more of this ending you came up with. XD
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